New arrivals | Three-section damping hidden slide rail, renewed and upgraded!



Innovative structure, not easy to sink


Adopting the innovative T-shaped design concept, the rolling surface is extruded to improve the deformation resistance of the entire rail, the surface is flat and smooth, the structure is thick, and it is not easy to sink. The multi-dimensional guiding performance of the rolling ball makes the product push and pull smooth, silent, and The swing is small.

Strong bearing capacity, durable


The material is thick and the load-bearing capacity is strong. The new generation of three-section hidden slide rail has a load-bearing capacity of 40KG, and the load-bearing motion is still easy to open and close without blocking. It is silky smooth and durable between push and pull.

Pulling softly and compactly


The swing spring structure is adopted, the change of spring force is reduced, and it is easy and flexible when pulled out, and the idle force is sufficient, so that the drawer can move freely and safely.

Quiet in motion, smooth and almost silent


The decoupling design of the damping component is adopted to reduce the impact force and achieve the soft closing and the quiet effect of ensuring the movement.

Effective coordination of anti-settling structure


The anti-sinking is added to the fixed rail, which plays the role of supporting the movable rail under load, and ensures the effective and unmistakable cooperation between the reset hook and the damping component during the opening and closing movement of the movable rail.

Synchronous function structure "linkage" together


The three-section rail design has built-in synchronization in the hidden slide rail, so that the outer rail and the middle rail are synchronized to avoid the collision of the outer rail and the middle rail during the drawing, and the drawer movement is quieter.

Ball and roller, optimized material mix and match

Optimize the arrangement of balls and rollers, lengthen the length of the rollers, increase the number of balls and rollers, and the combination of plastic and steel can effectively enhance the load-bearing capacity.

Galvanized steel sheet technology, not easy to rust


The surface is not easy to scratch, and it isolates the direct contact between air and the slide rail. After 48 hours of salt spray test, it has strong corrosion resistance.

Easy to remove and install with handle

No tools are needed, just use your fingers to gently push in the automatic buckle and press the handle to install and remove the drawer, which is simple and convenient.

Compatible installation, wide range of fault tolerance

The mounting holes of the fixed rail are scientifically designed, taking into account all the installation parameters in the market. Increase the horizontal and vertical long adjustment holes to accommodate errors during installation.