Hand in hand in the Yangtze River Delta | Adams Zhejiang Factory Warehouse is officially launched!


On June 29, 2021, the development analysis of the whole house customization industry and the launching ceremony of the Adams Zhejiang factory warehouse was grandly held at Setar Industrial Buying Jiangshan Company. Adams Key Account Manager Li Zhongkai, Adams Jiangsu Regional Sales Manager Zhu Jun, Adams Zhejiang Regional Sales Manager Yao Yi, Chairman of Star Group Jinfenglin, Executive Vice President of Star Group Hu Sabin, Star Group Product Manager Chen Qiaoxian, Jiangshan Shimen Nearly 200 leaders from industry associations and partners including Ms. Huang Qiaoling, secretary general of the industry association, attended the launching ceremony.

At the launching ceremony, the chairman of Jinfenglin of Setar Group gave a speech. He said that Adams has been deeply involved in the hardware customization market for decades. Based on the deep understanding of the upstream and downstream of the hardware industry chain, he is committed to bringing customers high-quality, innovative, and innovative products. Environmentally friendly hardware products. The inauguration of Adams' Zhejiang factory warehouse also marks the comprehensive cooperation between the two parties in various fields such as marketing, marketing, promotion, and intelligent distribution. The strong cooperation will surely create more benefits and value.

▲Chairman of Jinfenglin of Setar Group

▲Inauguration Ceremony of Adams Zhejiang Factory Warehouse

After the launch ceremony, Mr. Li Zhongkai, Manager of Adams Key Account Department, gave a special report on "Analysis of the Status Quo of the Whole House Customization Industry". He stated in the report that in recent years, in terms of sales revenue and total profit of the whole house customization, the overall scale of the whole house customization industry in my country has shown an upward trend. With the deepening of industrial structure adjustment, domestic medium and high-end hardware and building materials have developed rapidly, and the overall operation of the whole-house customization industry has been steady and increasing. The consumer group is getting younger. In terms of design style, light luxury and minimalism are popular, creative life is full of imagination, and the integration of intelligence into design is accelerating. In the future, the custom furniture industry will be fully optimized and upgraded. As long as we follow the trend and grasp the pulse of the times, we will be able to stay on top of the trend and become bigger and stronger forever.

▲Adams Key Account Manager Li Zhongkai

▲Adams Jiangsu Regional Sales Manager Zhu Jun

Mr. Zhu Jun, the regional sales manager of Adams Jiangsu, came to the stage and explained to the guests on the scene: the king of change and the second or third damping hidden slide. Change King adopts the new nickel alloy non-cyanide environmentally friendly electroplating technology, which will bring customers four ultimate experiences: easy installation, light and quiet, safe and stable, and efficient adjustment. It allows workers to increase the efficiency of installation and adjustment, solves the problem of easy rusting of hinges in the furniture industry, enables consumers to use more environmentally friendly and healthy products, and improves the experience of use. The new two- and three-section damping concealed slide rails are self-developed by the Adams R&D team. Each pair of slide rails has stronger bearing capacity and higher stability, and runs smoothly, quietly, supplely, and amicably, which can meet the needs of various industries. Usage requirements.

▲Adams King of Change-using non-cyanide electroplating process

▲The guests are very interested in the King of Change

Finally, Ms. Zhou Linxue, the representative of Adams cooperation unit, took the stage to tell everyone about the product quality and daily use experience of Adams products. Through sharing, the guests have a deeper feeling about the design and development concept of Adams's whole house custom functional hardware, and they are full of confidence in future cooperation.

▲Ms. Zhou Linxue, Design Director of Auchan Home Furnishing

▲Chen Qiaoxian, Product Manager, Stars Group

▲Ms. Huang Qiaoling, Secretary General of Jiangshan Door Industry AssociationMs. Huang Qiaoling, Secretary General of Jiangshan Door Industry Association

In her speech, Ms. Huang Qiaoling, secretary general of Jiangshan Door Industry Association, spoke highly of Adams’ technological innovation and customized hardware solutions for the whole house. Following the 14th Five-Year Plan, government reports and other programmatic guidance for the whole house customization industry, I believe There is a lot to do in the development wave of the furniture customization industry.

▲Adams product live display

Looking forward to the future, Adams will accelerate the pace of development in the Yangtze River Delta. Starting from the Adams factory in Zhejiang, it will continue to carry forward the spirit of innovation and struggle, in-depth market development and channel layout, and start a broader journey. win!