The King of Change-the power of environmentally friendly hardware!


In the past ten years, the rapid economic growth of the hardware industry has been at the expense of high energy consumption and sacrificing the environment, producing countless waste water, waste residues and other substances. With the advancing of the times, people's living standards are improving day by day, cabinet hardware, bathroom hardware and other products are undergoing environmental protection tests. Although the hardware components are inconspicuous, we are in contact with them every day.

Consumers are increasingly aware of environmental protection, and it is a general trend for household hardware to choose environmentally friendly and green products. The design concept of Adams's new product, the King of Change hinge, coincides with the green, environmentally friendly and low-carbon policy advocated by the country, and actively responds to the national policy and takes the road of green and environmentally friendly electroplating.

In the processing of hardware products, the most important surface treatment is electroplating technology. As we all know, the cyanide electroplating process is not good for human health and also pollutes the environment. At this stage, cyanide-free electroplating is an advanced electroplating process, which is non-toxic and environmentally friendly, with strong performance, strong coating density, high rust and corrosion resistance, etc. It is widely used in mobile phones, electronic components, high-end automobiles, aerospace engineering, Used in military industry and other fields.

From raw materials to finished products, Adams King of Change hinges need to go through rigorous processes. The primary consideration in materials and electroplating process is environmental protection, harmlessness and low-carbon health. The zinc-nickel alloy cyanide-free electroplating technology is used, which does not contain cyanide. The hinge is stamped and formed at one time, and the surface feels smooth and thick. The surface has undergone a neutral salt spray test for 168 hours and an acid test for 24 hours, reaching European and American national standards.

From the root cause, the harm to the human body and the environment is reduced to a low level, and the green safety of furniture hardware components is guaranteed. Even in the humid and smoky environment of the kitchen, it is not easy to be adhered to by the moisture in the kitchen, is not easy to be corroded, is strong and durable, and has strong load-bearing capacity. The use of environmentally friendly hardware products in the whole house can invisibly bring protection to children and the elderly.

Adams has always adhered to the concept of green technology and environmental protection, and we will continue to create more comfortable whole-house customized functional hardware for consumers.